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Forest Bathing Bath Salts

Forest Bathing Bath Salts

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10 oz

Take the forest to the tub!

With Labrador tea, sweet fern, spruce tips, eucalyptus & rosemary.

An ancient therapy but coined and made popular by the Japanese; shinrin-yoku means “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”. Take a walk in the wildwoods while soaking & healing your body, mind & spirit.



Epsom salts with wildcrafted Labrador tea and sweet fern, eucalyptus, mint and rosemary essential oils.

Local Features

Labrador tea from the Wilno bog, sweet fern & spruce tips.


Place 3 heaping tablespoons of this forest inspired combo into a steaming hot bath and surrender to your senses.

Is this your first time using this product? We recommend doing a test 24 hrs before applying our products. Our products are gentle and natural but it's never a bad idea to double check how your skin will react.

Shelf Life & Storage

Products should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry environment. For best results, store in the dark.

Sigrid Natural products have an expiry date listed on the products. Shelf life depends on the type of product.

  • Healing salves & herbal oils - 2 years
  • Creams - 1 year
  • Toners & mists - 1 year
  • Lip balms - 2 years
  • Perfumes - 2 years
  • Bath salts - 2 years
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