Sigrid grew up in the hills around Killaloe and Wilno, Ontario, without electricity, swimming naked in ponds, eating wild strawberries, and picking wildflowers. Her mother was part of the back-to-the-land movement and a fanatical nature lover. She was barely walking when her mother introduced her to her first medicinal plants. At age 23, Sigrid discovered the craft of cream after a car accident. She finds joy in using her senses to make beautiful and healthy products.

Sigrid Naturals was established in 2003 when Diana MacAuley shared traditional knowledge about healing with wild plants and taught Sigrid how to make her first product, Comfrey Healing Salve. Sigrid's experiential learning empowered and inspired her to share this knowledge with others.

Sigrid's lessons came from strangers, old friends, and Mother Nature rather than institutions or teachers. Her passion for exploring has taken her around the world, but she is now happily back home in the Wilno area. Sigrid sees her business as an extension of herself and a way to create something beautiful and whole. Through her work, she hopes to build upon the wonders of this landscape, and nurture a space which strengthens the community.