Bluebird Collective


Welcome to the Bluebird Local Arts Collective, A space to present and market the work of local artists,

makers, and creators. A few times a year we also host special events to

share a spirit of celebration with our community – come be inspired by

fashion shows, poetry readings, music and art exhibits!


Our goal is to contribute to a healthy local economy for the arts, provide an

inspiring shopping experience, and share the Bluebird vibe of happiness.


Some of the treasures we sell are:


Fresh locally grown, in season flowers

traditional leather work

fresh baking fridays 

beeswax candles

natural skin care 



tie dye




local artisan products 

old fashioned natural laundry soap



The Bluebird!


With its vibrant feathers and melodic songs, the bluebird is a symbol of happiness.

Bluebirds are songbirds in the thrush family. They eat insects, helping to keep species in balance,

and also love seeds from wild plants and fruit. During breeding season, their nests will contain

three to six greenish-blue eggs.

Loss of habitat has caused a serious decline in bluebird numbers. Recently, however, the situation

is improving, helped in part by people setting up bluebird houses in fields and meadows. Although

bluebirds are gentle, they are territorial in breeding season, so houses should be placed 100 feet

apart with doorways facing south or east. Perches four feet high can be set in a garden to encourage

them to visit.

If you are lucky enough to see a bluebird, it will surely fill your heart with delight and song!



Hours & Contact

Our hours are seasonal


May Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

June  Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

July & August 10am to 5pm closing 4pm Sunday


September-December to be announced


Contact 613-756-7890


19582 Opeongo Line Barrys Bay Ontario